Yamaha XP5000 500x2 Professional Power Amplifiers Audio Amplifier

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Yamaha XP5000 500x2 Professional Power Amplifiers
XP power amplifier series featuring high power, high quality, high reliability and high stability matches various installation sound systems and provides superior acoustic features even in live performance applications.

XP7000 700W+700W (8, 20Hz-20kHz), compatible with 70V lines (STEREO) XP5000 500W+500W (8,20Hz-20kHz) XP3500 350W+350W (8, 20Hz-20kHz), compatible with 100V lines (BRIDGE) XP2500 250W+250W (8, 20Hz-20kHz) XP1000 110W+110W (8, 20Hz-20kHz)

These figures are based on US120V specifications. See the specifications for details.

XP Series Key Features * except XP3500, XP2500, XP1000 5-model lineup ranging from 700W* output to 100W* output *(STEREO 8 ohms) High sound quality equivalent to upper-class models with parts and emphasizing on superior sound While realizing a design that ensures high sound quality, efficiency has been planned down to the finest details for full achievement of both high-definition sound and superior value Yamaha's exclusive state-of-the-art high-efficiency amplifier driving technology EEEngine installed A gain switch that can be changed to +4dBu / 26dB / 32dB has been installed on the rear panel for compatibility with a wide variety of input levels Light weight and compact design of 2U size for installation in any location Monitor and remote terminals for monitoring and control from a remote location High-accuracy 1dB-step detented attenuator Various terminals and features suitable for professional use Special high-pass filter that enables change of cut-off frequency Equipped with various protection circuits, indicators and stepless low-noise fans Best matches with the digital mixing engine DME64N/24N and Installation series speakers Lineup of 5 models ranging from 700W* to 100W* for use in any application *STEREO 8 ohms The newly developed XP series consists of 5 models with different outputs ranging from 700W (STEREO 8) to 100W (STEREO 8). Ideal amplifier can be selected according to the scale and application by combining the model with finely set output. The series is designed for flexibility and versatility. It offers 3 modes: STEREO mode for driving 2-channel sources independently PARALLEL mode for driving monaural sources using 2 channels BRIDGE mode for high-powered driving of 2 internal amplifiers as a single monaural amplifier. The series also uses lead-free parts and is environmentally friendly.

Excellent sound quality realized by careful selection of parts, design emphasizing on sound quality and vibration tolerance Superior sound quality equivalent to upper-class models has been realized by circuit design and careful selection of parts focusing on sound quality, and the inheritance of vibration tolerance developed for PC-1N. The series features tight low tones, full and rich high tones and abundant, stable mid-tones. Especially, the series features high resolution for spoken words and vocals.

Provides excellent value while prioritizing sound quality With top priority placed on sound quality for all audio-related parts, efficiency was emphasized from the development stage to deliver maximum value. This helps the series provide great sound performance that is one level above similarly priced models.

Yamaha's exclusive state-of-the-art high efficiency amplifier driving technology EEEngine installed

(Click to enlarge) The XP series adopts a newly designed switching regulator that delivers the ideal power supply to the amplifier. It ensures a more stable and balanced supply of voltage and current, and eliminates fluctuations in output level. The series also realizes clear and high sound quality equivalent to class AB and lower power consumption equivalent to class D. Low power consumption also contributes to reduction of generated heat as well as a more compact chassis, lighter weight and improved reliability. EEEngine cuts power consumption by a full 50% in comparison with conventional power amplifiers, yet without the slightest sacrifice in sound quality.

Light weight and compact design of 2U size for installation in any location Including EEEngine, various state-of-the-art features and know-how were adopted to realize large output and high sound quality. At the same time, Yamaha succeeded in a remarkably compact and light-weight design. All 5 models are the same 2U size. XP7000 and XP5000 utilize switching power supply for high output despite the compact size. The light-weight design also brings advantage for live performance use.

Various terminals and features suitable for installation The series is equipped with various input and output terminals suitable for professional sound control including XLR and Euro-block input terminals and Speakon and 5-way binding post output terminals. XP7000 is compatible with 70V lines (STEREO) and XP3500 is compatible with 100V lines (BRIDGE) to enable high-impedance connections capable of driving multiple speakers. The series is optimal for medium-scale facilities including churches, halls and banquet rooms as well as small-scale facilities including conference rooms and restaurants. Other than for use in such facilities, the XP series also realizes excellent performance as power amplifiers for events, exhibitions and concerts.

Monitor / Remote terminals enabling remote monitoring and control The series is equipped with monitor / remote terminals for monitoring the protection status and output levels, which are crucial for power amplifiers, as well as remote operation of mute and standby from a remote location.

High-accuracy 1dB-step detented attenuator and high-pass filter for switching the cut-off frequency The attenuator detented in 1dB-step is provided for easy and accurate settings. The series is also equipped with a high-pass filter to cut unwanted low tones. Cut-off frequency points can be selected from 20Hz suitable when using normal speaker connections and 55Hz when constructing a subwoofer system.

Various protection circuits, indicators and stepless low-noise fans The series is equipped with various protection circuits including a circuit for detecting power-on/off, output protection circuit and DC detection circuit. Various indicators display the status of the protection system. Indicators include PROTECTION indicator, TEMP indicator that shows overheating of the heat sink, POWER/STANDBY indicator that shows the power status, as well as SIGNAL and CLIP indicators for each channel. Stepless low- noise fans that efficiently protects the unit from overheating promises high stability.

Best matches with digital mixing engine DME64N/24N and Installation series speakers The series works significantly well with DSP box DME64N and DME24N capable of programming various types of sound processing for installation sound via GUI, as well as the Yamaha installation loudspeakers new in the lineup.

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