Yamaha LS9-32 Digital Console 48kHz Mixing Console

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Yamaha LS9-32 Digital Console 48kHz Mixing Console
Yamaha LS9-32 Digital Mixing Console - 32-Channels, 4 Stereo Input Channels, One or Two Mini-YGDAI Slots for easy system expansion, RCA Pin Jack Connector, 16 Mix Buses, 8 Matrix Buses and a Stereo and Mono Bus that can be Used in LCR Mode.

The LS9-32 can comfortably handle the complex and varied source requirements presented by a wide range of live sound applications, but its always reassuring to know that you can expand it up to 64 channels by just adding external preamps and Mini-YGDAI interface cards for those extra demanding line-ups. Whether used in an installation or on the road, the LS9-32 will deliver the performance and versatility of large-scale systems in dramatically less space, with less hassle and significantly lower overall cost. Touch the Monitor display access button for full access to the consoles extensive range of monitor functions: from monitor source selection through talkback and oscillator controls. A headphone jack and level control are conveniently located on the front panel or monitor signals can be routed to one of the Omni output XLRs and slots. Any of the input channels can be assigned to talk back operation for convenient system testing. And of course independent physical [CUE] buttons are provided with each fader for instant, error-free cue monitoring. In addition to the large stereo level meter, accurate fast-response metering for all channels and buses is easily accessible via the LS9 display. A variety of metering points can also be selected so you have comprehensive visual monitoring of signal levels throughout the entire console. When working on a monitor mix try using Sends on Fader mode. Touch the currently active MIX/MATRIX button (or press an inactive MIX/MATRIX button twice) to instantly assign the corresponding mix bus sends to the faders so you can visually confirm send levels and adjust them using the high quality 100mm full-length linear faders. Touch the same MIX/MATRIX button again to return to the normal mix mode.

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32 top-performance recallable head amplifier deliver microphone and line sources with extraordinary presence and realism. An additional 32 channels of processing power ready to receive audio via the Mini-YGDAI expansion slots. 4 stereo input channels. An extensive range of channel functions accessible via Yamahas acclaimed Selected Channel interface. Versatile bus architecture with comprehensive digital patching capability: 16 mix buses, 8 matrix buses, and a stereo and mono bus that can be used in LCR mode. Virtual GEQ and effect rack offers easy access to built-in graphic equalization and effects that would fill a full-size rack or two if similar analog gear were used. Built-in USB Memory Recorder/Player eliminates the need for an external device for simple off-board recording, and can supply background music and sound effects as required. Full-console scene Store and Recall. Ready to use out of the box with pre-patched effects and pre-fader aux mixes for monitor sends. One or two Mini-YGDAI slots for easy system expansion.

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Model LS9-32 Product Type Digital Mixing Console Analog Input Characteristics Specifications Input Terminals Input 1-32 Gain -62dB, +10dB Actual Load Impedance 3k For Use With Nominal 50-600 Mics & 600 Lines Input Level Specifications Sensitivity *1 -10dBu (245mV) Nominal +10dBu (2.45V) Max. before clip +30dBu (24.5V) Connector XLR-3-31 type with latch(Balanced) Analog Output Characteristics Specifications Output Terminals Omni Out 1-16 Actual Source Imp. 75 For Use With Nominal 600 Lines Gain SW 5 +24dB (default) Digital Input Characteristics Specifications Terminal 2TR IN Digital, Coaxial Format IEC-60958 Data Length 24bit Level 0.5Vpp/75 Connector RCA Pin Jack Digital Output Characteristics Specifications Terminal 2TR Out Digital, Coaxial Format IEC-60958 Consumer Use Data Length 24bit Level 0.5Vpp/75 Connector RCA Pin Jack General Specifications Sampling Frequency Internal: 44.1kHz, 48kHz; External: 39.69 - 50.88kHz Fader 100mm motorized x33 LCD Display 320 x 240 dots Graphic Color LCD Phantom Power 48V Power Requirements 170 W, 110240 V, 50/60 Hz Temperature Range Operation free-air +10C to +35C Storage Temperature Range -20C to +60C Net Weight 19.4 kg Dimensions (W x H x D mm) 42" X 14" X 24" Shipping Weight 56 lbs

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