Tannoy VS10 BP Compact Subwoofer Speaker

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Tannoy VS10 BP Compact Subwoofer Speaker
The Tannoy VS10 BP is a compact, versatile subwoofer system, designed to extend the low frequency response of Tannoy V series loudspeakers and increase system headroom. The VS10 BP will extend the frequency response of these systems to below 40Hz and is capable of providing output levels normally associated with considerably larger enclosures.

The VS10 BP utilises a single high efficiency 250mm (10) drive unit, and the compact cabinet dimensions enable unobtrusive positioning, such as underneath seating and bars. Ease of placement is further enhanced by the use of blanking plates, which allow the bass ports to be moved to another face of the cabinet allowing permanent installations.

Fitted to the VS10 BP are two pairs of 4mm binding posts for the amplifier input and high-pass output connectors to the satellite loudspeakers. This allows the sub and satellites to be driven from a single amplifier channel. However, a speaker management system such as the Tannoy TDX1 or TDX2 can be used to increase the versatility of the system and allow relative attenuation between the subwoofer and the satellite loudspeakers. Use of such a controller would also provide delay if required as well as driver protection and optimal integration.

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