Tannoy VNET12 Active Two Way Speaker System

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Tannoy VNET12 Active Two Way Speaker System
With undisputed expertise in the reproduction of sound, Tannoy maintains its strong position in the commercial installation markets through constant development of its core technologies. The company’s patented Dual Concentric™ point source, constant directivity; drive unit has been consistently reassessed and updated to incorporate the very latest materials and acoustic developments.

Tannoy’s highly experienced engineering teams have integrated into their active loudspeaker designs leading edge digital and electronic technologies. The amalgamation of these core strengths has led to the development of the self-powered VNet range of Vseries loudspeakers – designed to form the complete installation solution, combining high performance signal processing, amplification, networked control, & diagnostics.

The Engine room of the VNet products features mains auto sensing PWM amplifiers incorporating the latest technology with an uncompromising approach to audio quality.

VNet, through an intuitive Windows interface, controls various critical functions as well as delivering status and performance data, all in real-time. Each loudspeaker can be individually optimized and tailored, taking into account its exact position within the room relative to the room boundary, and its own performance relative to the acoustic properties of the room itself.

Each speaker can be configured and accessed via a PC through an RS485 interface allowing Bi-directional communication between speaker and computer. Implementation of the network could not be simpler; VNet will support ‘Free Network Topology’, using twisted pair cable & RJ45 connectors. Each loudspeaker will contain a unique address so no user input will be required to configure the network nodes. Speakers will maintain functionality in the event of a PC crash or fault occurring in another node on the network. Audio signals will be unaffected by any network fault. Remote diagnostics & control are achievable via the Internet on a secure VPN connection or WLAN.

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