Tannoy PowerV12 Premium Active Speaker System

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Tannoy PowerV12 Premium Active Speaker System
Dual Concentric™ full range, point source, constant directivity drive units

Controlled conical dispersion for optimum coverage and forward gain

Compact, versatile enclosures

Rugged, highly efficient class D amplification with universal power supply

Integral carry handles

Multiple flying points and accessory mounting hardware options

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION POWERV is a range of active sound reinforcement loudspeakers equipped with the Tannoy Dual Concentric™, point source, constant directivity drive unit technology. By combining the ‘Dual’ with a sophisticated amplifier package integrated within the speaker cabinet, POWERV is aimed at installation applications where uncompromised sound quality and flexibility is essential.

In order to satisfy a wide scope of fixed or on the road sound reinforcement applications there are five full range models and two subwoofers in the POWERV range; POWERV6, POWERV8, POWERV12, POWERV12HP and POWERV15; along with the subwoofers – POWERVS10 BP and POWERVS15 BP

The location of the high frequency drive unit, in the throat of the low frequency driver, ensures that the driver delivers constant directivity and unparalleled linearity from a true point source. The spherical wave front delivered presents an even dispersion in both horizontal and vertical planes, providing exceptional off-axis performance and an even response throughout a wide listening area. Overcoming the time alignment problems inherent in a discrete speaker design the constant directivity characteristic of the ‘Dual’ exhibits better harmonic alignment, delivering a more natural sound with superb tonal balance and greater intelligibility. This highly integrated driver design approach provides a constant time delay over the frequency spectrum ensuring enhanced transient performance and sound quality.

All POWERV loudspeakers are equipped with highly efficient, flexible and reliable Class D power amplification incorporating switching power supplies. Optimally matched power supplies and power amplifier sections minimises noise and enhances stability. Little is required in the way of heat sinking so the only surface area needed for cooling is the small control panel on the rear of the cabinet; therefore, even when driven at very high power levels no fans are required, so the system runs quietly and is not prone to internal dust contamination.

When used as a stand-alone speaker there is, on the rear panel of the full range POWERV models, a mode switch for ‘Full Range’. Alternatively the ‘High Pass’ position provides increased headroom for when the unit is used within close proximity to a boundary and, in a simple setup, allows crossover to a subwoofer without the need for an external crossover. LED’s on the rear panel indicate signal presence, signal activity, and power. Two low pass settings on the subwoofer amplifiers fully optimise integration with the full range units.

Recessed carrying handles aid manoeuvrability and multiple flying points are incorporated to provide a quick and secure flying system. Tannoy’s proprietary Secur-ET™ modular mounting hardware provides the POWERV range with multiple hanging options such as wall mount rackets, yoke fittings, ceiling saddles, pole clamps, pole mounts and eyebolts.

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