Tannoy Mercury F4 Series Speaker

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Tannoy Mercury F4 Series Speaker
The New Tannoy Mercury F range offers a choice of loudspeakers for home cinema or hi-fi applications of truly outstanding performance and value. The Mercury F line-up comprises two bookshelf models, two floor-standers, a centre channel and a rear effects loudspeaker.

All Mercury F models are fully magnetically shielded to prevent colour fringing effects when the speakers are placed close to a TV or monitor. Mercury F2, 3 and 4 are equipped with bi-wire terminals allowing additional system optimisation.

Materials and components have been carefully selected to maximise the system performance and offer real acoustic benefits. Solid wood material for the cabinet construction, including a substantial 19mm MDF front baffle, provide the essential cabinet rigidity required of a good loudspeaker design. To cater for both modern and more traditional décor, all the models are offered in either an apple wood or dark oak vinyl veneer.

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