Tannoy iQ10 High Output Loudspeaker System

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Tannoy iQ10 High Output Loudspeaker System
Using a 250mm (10”) version of Tannoy’s unique, point source and constant directivity PowerDual™ driver, the iQ 10 is ideal for live or fixed installation music and speech sound reinforcement applications. Combining the extraordinary PowerDual™ with the Funktion One Research patented Axhead™ horn technology provides a controlled 60° horizontal and 40° vertical dispersion pattern, covering a frequency range from 180Hz to 19kHz. This exclusive combination incorporates the high frequency element of the PowerDual™ into the Axhead™ phase plug itself, providing a point source time coherent design. No separate HF horn is necessary, as in other ‘phase plug’ designs, thus providing a valuable reduction in overall size.

The iQ 10 is a weatherproof skeletal design suitable for use both indoors and out where the compact and lightweight unit allows for flying into tight corners using the integral yoke. Two versions are available; the standard iQ10 and the iQ 10P, which utilises a passive crossover filter network to provide system equalisation. Both of these models are also available integrated into an 18mm birch plywood cabinet – the iQ10C and iQ10 PC. The cabinets incorporate trapezoid angles to facilitate the creation of optimised coverage arrays, and to provide alternative rigging options.

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