Tannoy i9 Slim Line Array Music/Speech Loudspeaker

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Tannoy i9 Slim Line Array Music/Speech Loudspeaker
The i9 utilises four 130mm (5) low frequency direct radiating drive units and three 25mm (1) titanium tweeters arranged in a tall slim cabinet as a line source. The coupling effects in the vertical plane result in a narrow (60) controlled coverage pattern from 500Hz, with extremely wide horizontal coverage (120). The complex frequency shading and integration techniques employed in the internal passive crossover network result in a smooth and uniform frequency response from 80Hz to 30kHz. The rotary switch located on the rear termination panel allows the selection of low impedance or 100 Volt / 70.7 Volt distributed line system configurations. The Tannoy THP 60 Watt transformer, included in the i9, can be selected for 60, 30, 15, 7.5 Watts, providing high system sensitivity with low insertion loss. The shallow cabinet profile and 5 downward tilt angle on the front baffle ensures discreet installations, using the i9Y yoke and i9 MAB (multiple angle bracket), can be implemented close to a wall or ceiling without sacrificing vertical coverage.

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