Tannoy i6AW ICT White All Weather Passive Speaker

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Tannoy i6AW ICT White All Weather Passive Speaker
The Tannoy i6AW ICT is a premium quality all weather installation loudspeaker featuring patented point source, inductive coupling technology (ICT) 165mm (6.5 ) transducer. Suited for applications indoors or out, the i6AW ICT consistently delivers a powerful performance under a wide range of environmental conditions. The i6AW ICT driver incorporates the latest generation design features including a polypropylene cone and rubber surround, while the cabinet is weatherproof to IP33CS in EN60529.

Utilising a wireless electromagnetic tweeter, the patented ICT driver design requires no crossover and therefore cannot be burned out through heavy or abusive use. The 25mm (1 ) aluminium high frequency dome has a deep drawn skirt that sits on the inside of the low frequency voice coil in the same magnetic gap. This skirt is like a single shorted turn, which is induced with high frequency information generated by the low frequency voice coil being fed a full bandwidth signal.

This ultra compact loudspeaker system is capable of delivering high sound pressure levels with extremely low distortion, resulting in outstanding clarity, definition and detail. The optimally tuned, durable moulded polypropylene enclosure maximises bass response and tonal balance.

The point source 165mm (6") ICT drive unit allows the i6AW ICT to be mounted on a wall or ceiling in either horizontal or vertical orientations without affecting its performance. For simple and effective installation, there is the choice of MB 6 and Omni Series 20.0 hardware, allowing the loudspeaker to blend into almost any setting.

The i6AW ICT is available in Charcoal or White in these versions:

The i6AW ICT for use in 8 operation.

The i6TAW ICT, supplied with a built in line THP 60 Watt transformer, for use in 70 or 100 Volt distributed audio systems 60, 30, 15, 7.5 Watt settings are selectable via a rotary switch located on the input panel of the cabinet.

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