. Tannoy Arena Center Home Theater Systems

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Tannoy Arena Center Home Theater Systems
The system comprises four satellite loudspeakers, a dedicated centre channel loudspeaker and an active subwoofer. Accessories such as grilles, spikes, spike protection boots for use on polished surfaces, and 20 metres of speaker cable are provided, and stand options are available.

Catering for the specific audio requirements of the centre channel in a home theatre system, the dedicated centre channel speaker has been equipped with a supplementary bass driver to augment power handling. The rigid acoustic shell of the centre channel speakers, robustly constructed in cast aluminium, provides full acoustic optimisation of the drive units. The centre channels are magnetically shielded to eliminate colour fringing effects when placed close to a television.

Arena’s versatile platforms enable a variety of room integration solutions. Optional table stands for the centre channel speakers are fitted with a swivel mechanism allowing precise adjustment. The same stands are also equipped with a wall mounting plate and a carefully designed cable management system.

Lavishly finished, the Arena system is available in a choice of magnificent high gloss colours – bronze, silver, white or black.

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