Shure PG24-PG58 Performance Gear Wireless

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Shure PG24-PG58 Performance Gear Wireless
A comprehensive first step into professional wireless, Performance Gear Wireless Systems are engineered to the same uncompromising quality standards as PGX, SLX, ULX and UHF-R wireless. Marrying superior sound quality and stage-proven endurance with advanced features like Internal Antenna Diversity and electable frequencies and variable companding, Performance Gear Wireless fulfils the promise of independent, confident performance through freedom from the wire.

The wireless system shall operate in the UHF band between 536 MHz and 865 MHz, with the specific available frequency range being dependent on the users locale. Effective range of the system, receiver to transmitter, shall be 75 meters (250 ft.), under optimal conditions. Each system shall allow selection of over 10 operating frequencies across 12 MHz of bandwidth in order to avoid RF interference. Optimal frequencies shall be selected, ensuring that individual systems run at their highest level of performance, and that multiple systems in simultaneous use do not interfere with one another.

Each transmitter shall be powered by one 9V batteries. Transmitters shall have a power onoff/mute switch, as well as multi-function LED indicator showing locked/unlocked status, mute status, and battery strength. Available transmitters shall include a bodypack for use with guitars, basses, and other instruments, as well as lavalier, headset or instrument microphones, and a handheld transmitter for vocals. The bodypack shall include a 3position switch and the handheld transmitter shall include a 2position switch to compensate for higheror lower-gain devices. Both transmitters shall feature an easily accessible channel selection button for system synchronization. The receiver shall have a channel display LED. The system shall use diversity variable companding technology to improve reception, minimize signal dropouts, and achieve the best possible signal-to-noise ratio, and shall include an audio level meter. The system shall be the Shure Performance Gear Wireless.

System Features Up to 8 compatible systems (across multiple bands) Shure's patented microprocessor-controlled predictive diversity Confident, portable setup Up to 10 selectable frequencies (frequency agility) Internal Antenna Diversity Durable construction Superior sound quality Variable companding ratio for clear sound (based on Shure's patented Audio Reference Companding)

Receiver Features Internal 1/4 antennas Microprocessor controlled diversity Channel display LED 1/4" and XLR audio outputs

Handheld and Bodypack Transmitter Features PG58 handheld microphone Bodypack works with headworn, lavalier and instrument microphones and cables Multi-function LED indicator (power, lockout, mute, low battery) 9V battery (included) provide 8 hours of continuous use 75m (250 ft.) operating range

Technical Description Overall System: Includes: PG4 Diversity Receiver PG2/PG58 Handheld Transmitter System Working Range: 75m (250 ft.)

Audio Channel Response: 45 Hz minimum 15 kHz maximum Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.5 typical

Dynamic Range: >100 dB A-weighted

Operating Temperature Range: 18C (0F) to +57C (+135F)

PG1 Bodypack Transmitter: Audio Input Level: -10 dBV maximum at "mic" gain position +10 dBV maximum at 0dB gain position +20 dBV maximum at -10dB gain position Gain Adjustment Range: 30 dB

Input Impedance: 1 M

RF Transmitter Output: 10 mW typical

Dimensions (HxWxD): 4.3" x 2.5" x 0.8" 110mm x 64mm x 21mm Weight: 75 grams (2.6 oz.) without battery

Housing: Molded ABS

Power Requirements: (1) 9V alkaline or rechargeable batteries

Battery Life: >8 hours (alkaline)

PG2 Handheld Transmitter Audio Input Level: +2 dBV maximum at -10dB position -8 dBV maximum at 0dB position Gain Adjustment Range: 10dB

RF Transmitter Output: 10 mW typical

Dimensions (including PG58 cartridge): 223.52 mm x 53.34 mm dia. (8.8 x 2.10 in.)

Weight: 218 grams (7.7 oz.) without battery

Housing: Molded ABS handle and battery cup

Power Requirements: (1) 9V alkaline or rechargeable battery

Battery Life: >8 hours (alkaline)

PG4 Wireless Receiver Dimensions (LxWxD): 7.4" x 4" x 1.5" 188mm x 103mm x 40mm Weight: 241 g (8.5 oz.)

Housing: Molded ABS

Audio Output Level (Ref. +/ 33 kHz deviation with 1 kHz tone) -19 dBV XLR connector (into 600 load) -5 dBv 1/4 inch connector (into 3000 load) Output Impedance: 200 XLR connector 1 k&$937; XLR output Impedance balanced: Pin 1: Ground (cable shield) Pin 2: Audio Pin 3: No Audio Sensitivity: 105 dBm for 12 dB SINAD, typical

Image Rejection: >50 dB, typical

Power Requirements: 1218 Vdc at 150 mA, supplied by external power supply

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