Sherwood RX-4105 Remote Controlled Stereo Receiver

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Sherwood RX-4105 Remote Controlled Stereo Receiver
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In our modern, surround sound driven audio universe where home theater enthusiasts hear airplanes fly overhead and bombs exploding around them, one might think that mere Stereo is old fashioned. But don't be mislead humans have only two ears and stereo is still a significant life form.

Our case in point: the new RX-4105. It's actually an update of our market leading RX-4100/4103. rated at 100 watts, we've reduced distortion significantly. It's now less than 0.20% from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and we've improved the reliability with a new layout borrowed from our higher end models. The RX-4105 has a good AM/FM tuner with the ability to pre-set up to 30 favorite stations. It has inputs for 4 audio sources to accommodate your sound gear. And the sound is phenomenal as you'd expect from a company that dates its own existence to before stereo's birth.

And the RX-4105 has at least one unexpected grace: the ability to independently select up to two sets of loudspeakers via the supplied remote control. (Audio purists will be pleased to know that this relay-controlled switching puts the speakers in parallel, maintaining their individual sound qualities.)


100 Watts per Channel x 2 in Stereo Mode with less than 0.08% THD, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 8 Ohms 25-Key Unified Remote Control Switching for two pairs of loudspeakers 5 Audio Inputs including Tuner Bass and Treble Tone Controls Totally Discrete Amplifier Stage (TDAS) Quartz PLL Synthesized Digital Tuning Preset Scan 30 Station Presets (Random) Digital Encoder Volume Control System Illumination Sleep Timer Dimensions: 17 3/8" W x 4 7/8" H x 14" D

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