Quikloc QLX-1 Fully Adjustable Second Tier Add-On

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Quikloc QLX-1 Fully Adjustable Second Tier Add-On
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The QLX-1 is part of a complete line of options that are available for the "QLX" series as well as any Quik-Lok single-tier "X" stand with a "QL" prefix. This tier set is fully adjustable - height, tilt, width and depth adjustments are all possible. In addition, a patented, strong, non-slip, lightweight aluminum alloy locking collar called the "Grip-Lok 30" is used to anchor the QLX-1 to the main stand. The QLX-4 Mic boom and/or QLX-5 sheet music holder can also be piggybacked on to the QLX-1. Five height positions with side to side width adjustment as well Four position tilt adjustment Seven depth positions QLX-4 Mic boom or QLX-5 music holder can be added Specifications:

Front to back tier depth: 15.7" - 40 cm Top to bottom height positions measured from top of "QLX" or "QL" tier to top of QLX-3 tier: 10.6" (27 cm), 9.4" (24 cm), 8.25" (21 cm), 7" (18 cm), 5.9" (15 cm) Four tilt position angles: 90, 80,, 70, 60 Depth range: 7.6" - 19.5 cm Attaching collar: Grip-Lok/30 Weight capacity: 75 lb. - 33.8 cm Weight: 5.5 lb. - 2.5 kg

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