Onkyo NC 500P Network Audio Reciever & Player

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Onkyo NC 500P Network Audio Reciever & Player
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Connect yourself to the world in every room of your house with the NC-500 Audio Network Receiver. On the back of the NC-500 youll find an Ethernet cable port to provide you with seamless streams of Internet radio.* You can even hook your PC up to a router and have your MP3, WAV or WMA files played throughout the house. Better yet, you can have a different music source in every room at the same time. Separate NC-500 units can access your computer simultaneously via the TX-NR900 and stream their own distinct Internet radio stations or music files. Let Onkyo be your access to a world of music, from the comfort of your own home.

Amplifier Section

Power Output* (8 ohm, 1 kHz) 15 W/Ch

Power Consumption 58 W

THD (Rated Power) 0.1%

Damping Factor (1 kHz, 8 ohm) 30

Input Sensitivity and Impedance

AUX 150 mV, 50 k ohm

Output Level and Impedance

Audio (Fixed) 150 mV, 2.2 k ohm

Audio (Variable) 2.0 V, 470 ?

Frequency Response 10 Hz-100 kHz (+1 dB, -3dB)

S/N Ratio 100 dB (IHF-A, 0.5 V input)

Tuner Section

Usable Sensitivity

FM Mono 11.2 dBf, 1.0 uV (75 ? IHF)

FM Stereo 17.2 dBf, 2.0 uV (75 ? IHF)

AM 30 uV

S/N Ratio

FM Mono 76 dB (IHF-A)

FM Stereo 70 dB (IHF-A)

AM 40 dB


FM Mono 0.2 %

FM Stereo 0.3 %

AM 0.7 %

FM Stereo Separation 45 dB at 1kHz, 30 dB at 100 Hz-10 kHz


Dimensions (W x H x D) 8 1/16"" x 3 9/16"" x 11""

Weight 8.6 lbs./3.9 kg

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