EAW SB528ZR Professional Subwoofer Speaker

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EAW SB528ZR Professional Dual 18 Inch Subwoofer Speaker
Description A dedicated subwoofer system with two 18 in transducers in a rectangular enclosure. Available in a portable version ('R' with handles, reinforced corners, caster mounting points and NL4 connectors) or a permanent installation version ('P' with barrier strip inputs and mounting/suspension points). Each driver has its own connections on the input panel. This allows the drivers to be connected in parallel to one amplifier channel or connected individually to seperate amplifier channels.

Applications The SB528zP high output subwoofer is optimized for installation. Tuned venting of the massive enclosure extends LF response to the lowest octaves. EAW's lowest frequency response, -3 dB at 27 Hz (with CCEP). Integral mounting/suspension points.


Physical System Configuration Subwoofer Product Group G, J, S LF Subsystem & Loading Two 18 in, vented Enclosure Material Exterior grade Baltic birch plywood Finish Wear resistant textured black paint Connector Two Neutrik NL4 Speakon Grille Powder Coated Perforated Steel

Dimensions (0.13 in / 3 mm) Height 29.81 / 757 Width 50.25 / 1276 Depth 24.63 / 626

Weights (pounds / kilograms) Net Weight 200.0 / 90.9 Shipping Weight 214.0 / 97.3

Performance Frequency Response 3 db 27Hz to 150Hz (35Hz w/out CCEP) -10 dB 22Hz (24Hz w/out CCEP) Recommended High-Pass Frequency 20

Axial Sensitivity (dB SPL, 1 watt @ 1 m) Subbass 99

Nominal Input Impedance (ohms) Subbass Driver 1: 8 Driver 2: 8 Parallel: 4

Power Handling (watts, continuous) Subbass Driver 1: 1000 Driver 2: 1000 Parallel: 2000

Calculated SPL Limit (referenced to 1 m) LF Peak 138.0 LF Long Term 132.0

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