DENON PMD800 AM/FM Tuner with Custom Rackmount

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Marantz PMD800 AM/FM Tuner with Custom Rackmount
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The Marantz PMD800 is designed for superb reception, incorporating sophisticated engineering refinements that enable it to capture stations with low distortion. Along with outstanding tuning precision, the PMD800 offers a variety of convenient features for superior tuner flexibility and ease of operation.

Highlights Digital synthesizer tuner with dual-gate MOSFET and advanced FM front end, for clear reception of even weak and distant FM stations. High sensitivity tuner provides a signal-to-noise ration of 80 dB (mono) and 75 dB (stereo) for clear, noise-free FM listening. High alternate channel selectivity for best reception of neighboring stations in crowded metropolitan areas. Choice of manual or automatic tuning offers spot-on tuning accuracy. A variety of scan functions are available for quick and easy station selection. Premium-quality components used throughout for outstanding sound quality, reliability, and stability.

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