EAW MQ2343D Professional Installation Speaker

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EAW MQ2343D Professional Installation Speaker
Description A dedicated mid/high system in a trapezoidal enclosure. Includes two horn-loaded 10 in MF cones and two 2 in exit/3 in diaphragm neodymium compression drivers for extremely high output. The MF and HF horns have a nominal 45 x 30 beamwidth. An internal passive crossover with jumpers on the input panel allows user selection of either bi-amplified or passive operation. In either case digital signal processing is required to achieve specified performance. The enclosure features a comprehensive system of 3/8-16 threaded suspension points.

Applications The MQ2343D employs a no-compromise high Q design where the mid and high frequency horns are truly large enough to provide optimal pattern control throughout each passband. The MQ2343D has been specifically designed to work with the horn-loaded BH2312 LF loudspeaker to create a full-range audio system. It may also be used with the MQ2315, MQ2412, and MQTD415 LF loudspeakers, or without a LF complement for voice-only applications. Dual HF components produce greater output than comparably-sized MQ2300 Series products for long throw applications.

Dedicated horn loaded MF/HF array module Narrowest beamwidth in MQ Series: 45 H x 30 V Vertically configured to create horizontal arrays For permanent installation only Digital signal processor required for specified performance

System Configuration 2-way, mid/high Product Group M MF Subsystem & Loading Two 10 inch woofers, horn-loaded HF Subsystem & Loading Two 2 in exit/3 in voice coil compression drivers, horn-loaded Operating Mode Switchable: passive or bi-amplified (passive MF/HF) Controls (switches, knobs) Powering mode jumper wires Enclosure Material Exterior grade Baltic birch plywood Finish Wear resistant textured black paint Connector Two 6-contact terminal strips with jumpers for powering configuration Suspension Hardware Sixteen 3/8-16 mounting/suspension points Grille Powder coated perforated steel Companion LF BH2312, MQ2315, MQ2412, or MQTD415 Optional Accessories 1 3/8-16 forged shoulder eyebolt, (104001)

Dimensions (0.13 in / 3 mm) Height 54.00 / 1372 Front Width 32.00 / 813 Rear Width 8.32 / 211 Depth 32.19 / 818 Trapezoid Angle (degrees) 20 per side

Weights (pounds / kilograms) Net Weight 245.0 / 111.4 Shipping Weight 260.0 / 118.2

Performance Frequency Response 3 db 250 Hz to 15 kHz -10 dB 200 Hz Recommended High-Pass Frequency 200 Hz, 24 dB / octave

Axial Sensitivity (dB SPL, 1 watt @ 1 m) Passive (MF/HF) (when bi-amped) 106 MF 109 HF 113

Nominal Input Impedance (ohms) Passive (MF/HF) 4 MF 4 HF 4

Power Handling (watts, continuous) Passive (MF/HF) 675

MF 800 HF 300

Calculated SPL Limit (referenced to 1 m) Passive (MF/HF) Peak 140.0 MF Peak 144.0 HF Peak 144.0 Passive (MF/HF) Long term 134.0 MF Long Term 138.0 HF Long Term 138.0 Nominal Dispersion (degrees @ - 6 dB) Horizontal 45 Vertical 30

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