EAW LA460 Professional Stage Speaker

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EAW LA460 Professional 3 Way Stage Speaker
Description A 3-way full range system in a trapezoidal enclosure. Includes a vented 15 in woofer, a horn-loaded 8 in midrange cone, and a 1.4 in exit/1.75 in voice coil compression driver on a 60° x 45° constant directivity horn. The powering mode is switchable: full passive or bi-amplified with a passive low/mid crossover.

Applications The LA460 applies Virtual Array Technology to small venue performance in both portable applications and permanent installations. With EAW's mathematically correct midrange flare, pattern control is maximized throughout the vocal region providing exceptional speech intelligibility in a compact enclosure.

Compact Virtual Array Technology™ 3-way system Horn-loaded MF/HF (60° x 45° coverage pattern) 15 in LF/8 in MF/1.4 in exit HF Switchable powering: full-range passive or bi-amp (passive LF/MF) For portable use or permanent installation EAW processor required to achieve specified bi-amplified performance

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