EAW KF910P 3 way professional loudspeaker

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EAW KF910P 3 way Professional Loudspeaker
Description The KF910 is a dedicated high frequency long throw module engineered for use with Phase Point Source Technology™ digital signal processing in the creation of PPST™ arrays. The system comprises five cells consisting of a specially designed 2 in exit/3 in voice coil compression driver loaded on a 30 degree horizontal coverage SimplePhase™ horn. Vertical coverage is determined by PPST™ processing.

The compression drivers specified for the KF910F are specially engineered to accept up to 20 dB additional input at 10 kHz as part of EAW's HF pre-emphasis technique. HF pre-emphasis helps KF900 arrays provide high frequency projection at distances in excess of 600 feet.

SimplePhase™ horns were specially designed to facilitate the PPST™ process. Horizontal coverage is an idealized 30 degrees over the entire operating bandwidth. Unlike Virtual Array Technology's complex horn flares designed for control of individual drivers, the simple lines of the SimplePhase™ horns produce phase coherent summation with other drivers within the module.

Applications The KF910 PPST™ long throw HF module is engineered for use only in KF900 Series arrays implementing PPST™ digital signal processing. It is not intended for stand alone use of any kind. With appropriate PPST™ processing, the KF910 provides a highly focused beam of vertical HF coverage that can project 10 kHz information over 600 feet. Downfill coverage should be provided by a KF911 downfill HF module.

Long throw HF Phased PointSource Technology™ module (5) 2 in HF on separate SimplePhase™ horns PPST™ systems build arrays for the largest spaces Pre-configured DSP defines coverage by integrating cells and modules to fit its application P (install) or F (touring) versions available Digital signal processor required to achieve specified performance

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