EAW KF850ZF 3 way professional loudspeaker

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EAW KF850ZF 3 Way Flyable Professional loudspeaker
FEATURES • Tri-amplified VA™ 3-way full-range system • Touring industry standard • Flyable version with fly-track hardware • Companion SB850zR subwoofer DESCRIPTION The KF850 Series has been the touring system standard for well over ten years, being acceptable in more technical riders than any other loudspeaker. The KF850z incorporates a number of advances in loudspeaker technology and performance developed over that time by EAW Engineers. The result is a KF850 with higher impact and fidelity than ever before. Legendary KF850 performance is enhanced with a neodymium, Orbital Magnet Array™ HF driver offering increased surface area for better cooling, and higher reliability. A new HF horn extends HF response and fidelity while minimizing throat distortion. The critical MF subsystem is based on EAW's Radial Phase Plug™ design used in the KF650, KF750, and KF760. An optional user-installed, passive MF/HF crossover kit allows more economical, bi-amplified operation. The KF850z's advanced performance will not be sonically compatible with existing KF850E inventories. To facilitate integration, kits are available to upgrade them to the KF850z. The KF850z's enclosure and rigging hardware are fully compatible with the KF850E Series. However, the "z" enclosures incorporate a stacking pad on top that mates with a recess in the bottoms. KF850z DSP processor settings are available online for EAW's MX8750 as well a select group of other popular touring processors. KF850 Series applications continue to include: concert tours, corporate events, large theaters, stadiums, cathedrals, large live music clubs. Six year warranty.

KF850 Stadium Array Series In the nearly two decades since its debut in 1986, the world renown KF850 has set the standard by which touring loudspeakers are gauged. For the past ten years the "E" version of the KF850 has been selling in the hundreds and thousands annually. Knowing customers still employ this workhorse every day, EAW engineers have created the KF850z. The KF850z is a significant update, featuring the latest proprietary technology and contemporary components. New products include the flying KF850zF, the ground-stack-only KF850zR, their companion subwoofer, the SB850zR, and a host of accessories. The performance upgrades in the KF850z family of products is so significant, they are slated to completely replace all "E" versions by mid-2004.

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