EAW KF755 3 way professional loudspeaker

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EAW KF755 3 Way Professional Tri Amplified loudspeaker
Triamplified VA4 3-way downfill system 12 in LF/asymetrically horn-loaded 10 in MF/2 in exit HF Vertical coverage from 0 to -35 P (install) or F (touring) versions available Digital signal processor required to achieve specified performance Touring Install

Description The KF755F 3-way tri-amplified full range system is the downfill companion to the KF750F array module.

Since the large mid frequency horn contains both the high and low frequency sub-systems, the overall package is just 31 in high. Still, the KF755F provides consistent wideband pattern control in both the vertical and horizontal planes.

The large MF horn loads a specially designed 10-in midrange cone whose geometry exactly matches the rear of its phase plug assembly. By developing the driver and phase plug as a single unit, pathlength discontinuities within the MF passband have been eliminated without compromising the directional qualities of the source as all previous phase plug designs have. The 2 in exit/4 in voice coil HF compression driver is mounted on an asymmetrical 35 x 35 constant directivity horn mounted coaxially within the MF horn flare.

The KF755F's 15-per-side trapezoidal enclosure features eight 4-position fly tracks (four each front and rear) that accept industry-standard fly clips.

Applications The KF755F provides optimized downfill coverage below flown arrays or, when inverted provides upfill balcony coverage from ground-stacked arrays in theaters, performing arts centers, and nightclubs where flying arrays is either not allowed or not desired.

At just 31 in tall and 190 lb. per module, KF700 Series arrays are smaller, lighter, more efficient, and therefore more powerful than those built with other systems. These smaller, lighter arrays are easier to fly, require less truck space and permit more open sight lines to cover any given venue.

System Configuration 3-way, full range Product Group S LF Subsystem & Loading One 12 in woofer, vented MF Subsystem & Loading One 10 in cone, horn-loaded HF Subsystem & Loading One 2 in exit/4 in voice coil compression driver on CD horn Operating Mode Tri-amplified only Enclosure Material Exterior grade Baltic birch plywood Finish Wear resistant textured black paint Connector Two Neutrik NL8 Speakon Suspension Hardware Eight 4-position fly track Grille Powder coated perforated steel Companion Fullrange KF750

Dimensions (0.13 in / 3 mm) Height 31.00 / 787 Front Width 27.00 / 686 Rear Width 8.78 / 223 Depth 34.00 / 864 Trapezoid Angle (degrees) 15 per side

Weights (pounds / kilograms) Net Weight 168.0 / 76.4 Shipping Weight 178.0 / 80.9

Performance Frequency Response 3 db 48 Hz to 18 kHz -10 dB 30 Hz Recommended High-Pass Frequency 30 Hz, 24 dB / octave

Axial Sensitivity (dB SPL, 1 watt @ 1 m) LF 99 MF 108 HF 115

Nominal Input Impedance (ohms) LF 8 MF 8 HF 8

Power Handling (watts, continuous) LF 600 MF 400 HF 200

Calculated SPL Limit (referenced to 1 m) LF Peak 132.0 MF Peak 140.0 HF Peak 144.0 LF Long Term 126.0 MF Long Term 134.0 HF Long Term 138.0 Nominal Dispersion (degrees @ - 6 dB) Horizontal 35 Vertical 35 (0 to -35)

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