EAW KF730 3 way professional loudspeaker

EAW KF730 3 way Compact Line Array Loudspeaker
The KF730 Series is a compact line array system that sets a performance benchmark above similar systems. It delivers 3-way, KF Series performance in a flexible, easy-to-use system that can deliver concert-level output in an exceptionally wide range of venues. The KF730 is an excellent compact line array solution for applications such as houses of worship, corporate A/V, theatres, hotel ballrooms, and concert halls. The system is also ideal for supplemental coverage for larger line arrays, such as the KF760 Series. Such uses include audience side fill, stage lip fill, delayed arrays for balconies, and stage/performer coverage. One large MF/HF horn fills the entire face of the enclosure, better maintaining horizontal pattern control throughout the MF/HF passband. The curved aperture MF loading slots effectively move the MF acoustic origin further into the horn than physical space permits. The side-mounted LF drivers provide a forward-firing, figure eight type pattern. The drivers are spaced so that the LF beamwidth matches the MF through crossover. The KF730s are sized to truck-pack friendly dimensions. The rigging system is fully compatible with the companion SB730 subwoofer.

FEATURES • Highest output to size ratio for small format line arrays • Large MF/HF horn and Phase Aligned™ LF drivers for exceptional 110° horizontal pattern to 160 Hz • KF730 Wizard auto-designs flown arrays • Integral lightweight fly hardware of 6061-T6 structural aluminum • 16 ohm inputs allow powering 8 KF730s with 2 amplifier channels

The KF730 SLAM (Small Line Array Module) packs a six-driver, horn-loaded KF Series design into an amazingly compact enclosure, setting a new record for output per cubic meter.

The full-sized mid/high horn fills the entire face of the enclosure, ensuring broadband 110° horizontal pattern control. The unique Phase Aligned™ LF design extends horizontal pattern control into the LF and a bi-amplified powering configuration (passive mid/high) reduces total system cost and complexity.

Users can quickly and easily construct vertical arrays ranging from 4 to 18 enclosures. As with the KF760 Series, the size and configuration of a KF730 Series array defines its vertical coverage. In most cases, choosing the correct points on the multi-position fly bar will aim the array, although some radically angled configurations will require pull back using an inverted fly bar.

The rigging system permits box-to-box angles of 12°, 6°, 3°, and 1.5°, but always keeps module faces contiguous. Under normal conditions, easily hung arrays can cover listening areas ranging from approximately +10° to –70° along the vertical axis. SLAM also permits radical array configurations that can cover any vertical angle.

The SB730 is a compact, high-powered subwoofer designed to fly above or stack below KF730 line array loudspeakers. It contains two advanced 12 inch woofers mounted in a “clamshell” driver arrangement, which provides tight driver coupling to increase output. A massive port radiates the considerable energy needed at the enclosure’s tuning frequency to complement the KF730’s output

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