M-Audio JamLab USB Guitar Intertface

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M-Audio JamLab USB Guitar Intertface
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1/4” guitar input, 1/8” headphone/line output, built-in USB cable

24-bit, 44.1/48kHz audio quality

includes GT Player Express software with amp and effects simulation

GT Player also plays standard audio files at variable speeds for practicing

includes 160MB of ProSessions drum loops


JamLab turns your PC or Mac into a personal guitar system without the need for any other hardware except your favorite guitar. The compact JamLab interface connects easily to your computer via a simple USB connection, and features a 1/4” input for your guitar and 1/8” headphone/line output. The included GT Player Express software features amp simulation and virtual effects boxes for EQ, chorus, reverb and more. GT Player Express can also play standard audio files, and can even slow them down—perfect for practicing and easy learning. You also get WAV drum loops from our popular ProSessions Sound and Loops Library. Load them into GT Player Express in any order for an instant custom drum machine to jam with. Drum songs are also provided as MP3 files. JamLab is ideal for traveling, limited space, and keeping both your budget and the neighbours happy.

Anywhere, Anytime

JamLab lets you rock out whenever and wherever your computer is. There’s no need to invest in and mess with an amp or effects pedals. Connection is super simple. Just plug the built-in USB cable into your Mac or PC, then plug in your guitar and either a set of headphones or your powered monitors or receiver. The headphone jack gives you the privacy to practice, experiment and turn up the heat without anybody else hearing you—day or night.

Screaming Effects

JamLab comes with a complimentary edition of GT Player Express software which turns your computer into a guitar effects processor—no stompboxes or cables needed. GT Player Express has models of effects pedals for noise gate, distortion, equalizer, chorus, delay and reverb—each with presets to get you going and easily return to your favorite sounds. Say goodbye to clutter and cable spaghetti. Say hello to JamLab and GT Player Express.

Practice. Learn. Groove.

GT Player Express also turns JamLab into an incredible tool for learning to play guitar and improving your technique. Load any standard audio file in WAV format and play along. You can even slow down the playback to better learn passages from your favorite songs. We give you 160MB of drum loops from our popular ProSessions Sound and Loop Libraries. Load them in any order to use GT Player as a drum machine to groove along with. We’ve even provided a selection of drum songs in MP3 format for jamming. There’s never been an easier way to improve your guitar skills.

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