Listen DCN-WD-D DCN Wireless Discussion Unit for Pluggable Mic Dark Base

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Listen DCN-WD-D DCN Wireless Discussion Unit for Pluggable Mic Dark Base
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To the participant the most important part of the conference system is the discussion unit. Maximum speech intelligibility is guaranteed at all times. Operating in the 2.4 GHz (License free band) the wireless discussion units produce crystal-clear sound. The system is protected against interference from other wireless equipment such as mobile phones and WiFi networks. Wireless communication means extra security considerations. The DCN Wireless system and discussion units feature multi-layer protection to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access. Digital protection ensures the information within the system remains confidential. The DCN-WD-D Wireless Discussion Unit enables participants to speak, register a request-to-speak, and listen to the speaker. A socket is provided to connect the pluggable microphones which are available in short and long stem versions (DCN-MICS and DCN-MICL, sold separately).

Used as delegate or chairman unit (chairman buttons ordered separately) Microphone button with a red or green illuminated ring. Red indicates microphone is active, green indicates request-to-speak. Two headphone connections to accommodate earphone for assistive listening.

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