Hosa MSK-411 Musician's Survival Kit

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Musicians Survival Kit (MSK-411) Essential Adaptors, Connectors, Y-Cables, and Accessories That Might Just Save Your Gig Tonight!

___ When the gig is on the line and something unexpected happens, it's nice to know that you're prepared. Throw Hosa's Musician's Survival Kit into your gig bag and you'll have at your fingertips the most useful collection of adaptors, connectors, Y-cables and accessories imaginable. These pro-quality items are indispensable for the repairs and "workarounds" that you may need to keep the show on the road!

ADAPTORS: (2) GPR-101__RCA Female to 1/4" Male (2) GPR-104__1/4" Female to RCA Male (1) GPP-105 __Coupler: 1/4" Female to 1/4" Female (Works with Stereo or Mono) (1) GPM-103__Headphone Adaptor: 3.5mm Stereo Female to 1/4" Stereo Male (1) GMP-112__Headphone Adaptor: 1/4" Stereo Female to 3.5mm Stereo Male (1) GXP-143__XLR Female to 1/4" Male (Works with Balanced or Unbalanced) (1) GXP-246__XLR Male to 1/4" Male (Works with Balanced or Unbalanced)

CONNECTORS: (2) Dual Banana__Connectors (1 REd, 1 Black) (1) PLG-025__Mono 1/4" Plug

Y-CABLES (1) YPP-111__Mono 1/4" Male to Two Mono 1/4" Females (1) YPP-117__Stereo 1/4" Male to Two Mono 1/4" Females

ACCESSORIES: (1) MHR-225-100__Microphone Holder (25mm) (1) WTI-148G__Hook & Loop Cable Wraps (5 pieces) (12) RMC-180__Rack Screws and Washers

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