Hosa DOC-106 Dorect-Out Cable for Sed/Return Jacks 6in

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Hosa DOC-106 Dorect-Out Cable for Sed/Return Jacks 6in
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product description Beat the system! This slick little cable lets you use your mixer's insert jacks as direct outs - for recording! The cable accomplishes this while leaving the signal path intact for your mixer. Now you can easily record true multitrack mixes of live gigs - without investing in a whole new mixer!

Stage mixers are great for live venues, but when you need separate direct outs from each channel (for sending out to a multi-track recorder, for example), you?re usually out of luck. But now, using Hosa's new DOC-106 Direct-Out Cable, you can actually trick the stage mixer?s channel insert jack into thinking it?s a direct output!

Ordinarily, the insert jack "steals" the individual channel?s signal for outboard processing. But the DOC-106?s clever wiring provides a direct output while allowing signal to continue through the console too. Works on any mixer that has conventionally-wired insert jacks (Tip = Send, Ring = Return). Technical Info Specifications

1/4 in. TRS to 1/4 in.

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