Hosa DOC-106 Direct-Out Cable for Send/Return Jacks

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Hosa DOC-106 Direct-Out Cable for Send/Return Jacks
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Allows a Stage Mixer's Insert Jacks to be Used as Direct Recording Outputs!

Stage mixers are great for live venues, but when you need separate direct outs from each channel (for sending out to a multi-track recorder, for example), you're usually out of luck. But now, using our new DOC-106 Direct Out Cable, you can actually trick the stage mixer's channel insert jack into thinking it's a direct output!

Ordinarily, the insert jack "steals" the individual channels signal for outboard processing. But the DOC-106's clever wiring provides a direct output while allowing signal to continue through the console too. Works on any mixer that has conventionally wired insert jacks (Tip = Send, Ring = Return

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