Galaxy Audio AS1000T As-1000 Transmitter

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Galaxy Audio AS1000T As-1000 Transmitter
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The Any Spot (AS-1000) is the new wireless in ear monitor from Galaxy Audio. Galaxy Audio has been manufacturing the Hot Spot personal monitor for 30 years. The Any Spot is the latest monitor from the 'Monitor Guys'. In-ear monitors are effective at eliminating stage noise, protecting users' ears from damage, allowing the user to move around a stage or audience and continue to hear, and eliminate feedback.

The Any Spot is easy to use. The Any Spot replaces floor wedges and the amplifiers that power them. Simply plug the Any Spot into a 'monitor out' jack on a mixing console, create the desired mix, and it's ready to deliver quality sound. The Any Spot has 64 selectable UHF frequencies to help locate the best and clearest one to transmit signal. The transmitter (AS-1000T) is selectable to either mono or stereo.

The Any Spot AS-1000 features a true diversity receiver. The true diversity receiver (AS-1000R) has two antennas. Each antenna seeks the signal from the transmitter individually. This means fewer dropouts than a non-diversity system. In the rare event of a dropout, the 'Auto-Mute' feature kicks in. Auto-Mute prevents intermittent static from going into the users ears.

The Any Spot is also a great assistive listening system. The AS-1000T will transmit to numerous receivers. Simply patch the program signal to the transmitter and give each parishioner or attendee a receiver so all can hear clearly.

The Any Spot transmitter has RCA, XLR, & 1/4" inputs on the back. The Any Spot allows simultaneous broadcast of audio signals from a source such as a CD player, tape player, computer, IPod, etc, and a microphone while offering individual level adjustment for each of the two sources. This works great for presentations or a solo performer who wants to monitor a microphone and backing track.

The Any Spot is a great alternative for performers who are tired of lugging around heavy and bulky floor monitors and tired of leaving a gig with ringing ears. The Any Spot allows the user to move freely around the stage or audience and continue to hear the monitor mix. The Any Spot package is also lighter in weight than floor monitors, which makes it easier to transport from location to location.

The Any Spot is cost competitive and feature packed and is a great buy for any church or band.

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