ElectroVoice EVID 6.2t Surface Mount Speakers

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ElectroVoice EVID 6.2t Surface Mount Speakers
The EVID 6.2 is an extended-range loudspeaker ideal for indoor and outdoor applications requiring high-quality sound. Its extended range and smooth bass provide ample SPL levels in larger environments such as shopping malls, sports bars, health clubs, and so on.

The 6.2’s three-dimensional elliptic baffle symmetrically locates the 1” Ti direct radiator high-frequency element with a Coherent Coverage Waveguide in front of and between the 6” low-frequency drivers. The careful shaping, location, and 10° splaying of the LF units provide coverage control by the resulting line array. Lobing is controlled by physically “shadowing” the LF transducers from each other over the bandwidth where they would normally exhibit interference. EVID’s mounting system provides greater range of aiming angles in both horizontal and vertical planes than other types. The curved grille features designed-in weather resistance and a hidden leash for safety.

All models are available in black or white, and can easily be painted to match the décor. Transformer versions are also available for constant voltage systems. Basic Features 2 way twin 6" woofer & 1" horn loaded 100x90 tweeter.

Dual 6-inch LF transducers for extended bass and greater power handling and output

EVID 6.2: Black Cabinet

EVID6.2TW: Internal 70v/100v line transformer. White cabinet

EVID6.2W: White cabinet

EVID6T: Internal 70v/100v line transformer Black cabinet

Full-bandwidth overload protection

High sensitivity

Includes mounting system

Line-array enhanced coverage control

Magnetically shielded

Organic, unobtrusive shape

Strong-Arm-Mount™ for easy, flexible aiming

Ti direct-radiator HF transducer, Neodymium structure

Weather resistant - Conforms to MilSpec 810 and IEC 529 IP 34

Zinc-plated grilles

Frequency Response: (-10 dB): kHz 62 Hz–20 kHz

Impedance: 8 ohms

Peak Power (Maximum): 600 watts

RMS (Continuous) Power: 300 watts

Sensitivity: 94 dB, 1W/1m

Sound Pressure Level (SPL): Max SPL: 118 dB

Weight: 12 lbs each

Weight: Shipping - 27 lbs

Weight and Dimensions Dimensions: H-16.5"x W-9"x D-11.75"

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