Crown LM300A (LM-300A) Dual-Gooseneck Lectern Microphones

Crown LM300A (LM-300A) Dual-Gooseneck Lectern Microphones
The Crown LM300A (LM-300A) are dual-gooseneck microphones for lecterns, pulpits, or similar applications. The mics are identical except for arm length. Each professional-quality mic is an electret-condenser type with a supercardioid pickup pattern. The mics plug directly into a female 3-pin XLR-type panel connector. Because of their supercardioid pickup pattern, the LM-300A reject more background noise, room reverberation, and feedback than a typical cardioid microphone.

The models have a smooth, wide-range frequency response for natural reproduction of the singing or speaking voice. Very low frequencies are filtered out to reduce pickup of mechanically induced noise, room rumble, etc. The goosenecks adjust silently. Supplied with the microphones is the WS-9, a highly effective foam pop filter. Its two-stage design greatly reduces explosive breath sounds. A low-cut switch built into the electronics housing further reduces breath pops and handling noise.

Optional accessories include the LMlockable shock mount, which provides mechanical isolation when mounted in a pulpit, lectern, or table top. The microphone connector is a male 3-pin XLR-type for easy plug-in installation. The output is balanced and low impedance which allows long cable runs without hum pickup or high frequency loss. Superior RFI protection is also provided. Requires 12-48 V phantom power.

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