Anchor EXP-6000U1 Explorer Pro Sound System with Built-in Receiver

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Anchor EXP-6000U1 Explorer Pro Sound System with Built-in Receiver
The new Explorer Pro comes in mains / rechargeable battery powered unit with 2 XLR/Jack mic inputs and 1 Jack line input. There is also an option for one or two UHF radio mic receivers [just add your preferred microphone]. A companion speaker can be attached for wider coverage area applications although a single 50 watt unit will cover up to 800 people and background music developing up to 110 dB. The Explorer can operate for up to 8 hours from a charge both indoor and out. The Explorer Pro includes new features like adjustable dynamic bass boost, music ducking and distortion elimination.

Mains / Battery powered 110 dB from 50w amplifier Two way speaker system Balanced Lo-Z XLR mic input with Phantom power Unbalanced Lo-Z XLR mic input [no phantom power] 1/4" Jack input and Phono line inputs 1 Jack and 2 Phono line level outputs Bass & Treble controls Unswitched 8 ohm speaker output Dimensions [HxWxD] 16.5 x 10.5 x 10 inches Weight 23 lbs.

Anchor EXP6000U1 Explorer with 1 UHF receiver.

As EXP6000 but with a built-in UHF radio mic receiver 16 switchable frequencies Add your choice of microphone

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