Alto OEX600 Complete PA Packages

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Alto OEX600 Complete PA Packages
Alto reinvents the self contained PA system solution with the introduction of the Orient Express. Until now, self-contained PA systems have had limited acceptance among a wider range of performers. Often in the race to limit the size and cost of the overall system, not enough attention was paid to the performance of the individual components. Self-contained PA systems were often limited by low output power, inferior loudspeaker performance, underwhelming low frequency response and limited functionality of the mixer.

Alto set about solving the single system solution with the introduction of Orient Express systems. Available from an ultra-compact 400-watt four-channel package to a 1000-watt solution with 15-inch subwoofer, satellite speakers, 12-channel mixer with integrated DSP. There are Orient Express systems built for public speaking applications, for solo performers, duos, trios through to systems for small to mid size bands needing maximum performance from a single highly mobile packaged system.

OEX600** Features 3-way powered system: Bi-amp plus passive crossover into satellite LOW output power: 190W RMS(EIAJ) class AB MID-HIGH output power: 100W + 100W RMS (EIAJ) class AB Peak power rating: 520W peak Max SPL at 1mt: 116.5 dB continuous -119.5dB Peak Frequency response: 55Hz - 20k Hz @-10dB Impedance Low-Mid/High: Low 4 Ohm-Mid/High 8Ohm Crossover Frequencies: Active 125Hz at 12dB/Oct.-Passive 3KHz at 12dB/Oct with Electronic Dynamic Protections Amplifier Protections Low-Mid/High: Soft start-short circuit - DC output voltage-thermal protection-subsonic filter at 30Hz-24dB/Oct-Limiter/Compressor Low Frequency device: 12"/318mm-2" voice coil Mid Frequency device: 2 x 6.5"/165mm - 1" Voice Coil High Frequency device: 1" compression driver - 1" voice coil Horn coverage: 80Hx 80V Plastic Reinforced cabinet

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